Solimpeks – Turkey’s Solar Pioneer

Solimpeks already has over 35 years of experience developing and manufacturing its own collectors, accessories and solar tanks.

The origins of Solimpeks solar manufacturing date back to 1977. Through R&D and a strong focus on quality, company growth was accelerated and allowed Solimpeks to drive solar exports in order to successfully compete in markets all over the world. As a consequence of this expansion Solimpeks now has a reputation as a world leading manufacturer of high-quality solar energy products almost everywhere under the sun. Solimpeks employs over 300 staff in its locations across Turkey, Germany and Spain.

Solimpeks beginnings date back to 2001

The well-educated partners accelerated the growth in a short time and carried the competition outside of Turkey.

Now the company is the world’s leading manufacturer of high-quality solar thermal collectors, pv-t hybrid collectors, thermosiphon systems and related mounting systems.

Presently, the company has locations in all of the key target markets. The company employs over 150 members in its locations in Turkey, Germany and Spain- and this First solar thermal collector production in Turkey number is growing.

  • Solimpeks is one of Europe's 5 biggest solar thermal manufacturers.
  • In top 10 in global solar thermal market in terms of production and sales.
  • Solimpeks is a global company with presence in more than 77 countries worldwide.
  • The fastest growing company among the solar panel manufacturers.