Excell PV-T Hybrid

Excell PV-T Hybrid Panel

  • Electricity and usable thermal hot water at the same time from one pv thermal hybrid panel.
  • More electricity production per year with cooled monocrystalline cells comparing to PV panels
  • Less roof space required than equivalent system comprised of a separate Solar PV and Solar thermal systems.
  • Hybrid PV-T system’s ROI (Return On Investment) is shorter than standard PV systems due to higher electrical yield and off-set heating costs.
  • Lifetime of PV cells is lengthened because cell operating temperature is reduced.
PRODUCT CODE Volther Excell MA- 0601
Dimensions (mm) 1670 X 1005 X 60
Gross Area (m’) 1,68
Weight (kg) 28,4
Gross Area (m²) 1,68
Aperture Area (m²) 2,23 m²
Number of Cells 60 (6 X 10)
Cell Dimensions (mm) 156 X 156
Nominal Power (Wp) 325W
Power Tolerance Positive tolerance, between O and +5Wp
Short Circuit Current (lsc) 9,94 A
Open Circuit Voltage (Voe) 39,25 V
Max. Power Voltage (Vpm) 32,18 V
Max. System Voltage UL• 600V / IEC • 1000V
Absorber Panel Copper & Monocrystaline Cells
Welding Method Laser
Number of Risers 7
Dimension of Risers (mm) 8/18
Heat Exchanger Copper
Internal Piping Copper
Liquid Content (liter) 0,85
Test Pressure (bar) 13
Maximum Operating Pressure (bar) 8,6
Sealing EPDM & Silicone
Base Sheeting Embossed- Finished Aluminum
Panel Insulation Glasswool
Casing Electrostatic Painted Aluminum
Product Warranty 10 Years
Productivity Warranty %90<10 years, %80<20 years

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